Ryback In Line for a Push, New Kind of WWE Toy

WWE now has Ryback on their SmackDown roster and Lord Tensai on the RAW roster. Ryback is reportedly in line for a push on Friday nights and WWE's new bio on him fits that.

Here's part of what they wrote:

"One only needs to observe how Ryback’s fellow Superstars study him to understand his ruthless reputation. They stare in awe as if they’re watching disaster footage, looking on in shock as Ryback’s ferocity both impresses them and leaves them fearful of being his next target.

How can anyone measure such an intimidating beast in comparison to the rest of his WWE competition? Few words may deem suitable as he starts to make his mark in the ring, but Ryback will eventually unleash more of his overwhelming power on his adversaries — and will not stop until he has left a long line of battered opponents in his wake."

- We noted last year that Mattel was working on a new toy platform called Apptivity where kids would be able to play with a physical toy on their iPad. Mattel will be rolling out the technology in May with the Hot Wheels Apptivity game. Mattel has developed a WWE game for the platform and we should see that in stores later this year.

*PHOTO* Mike Tyson backstage at WrestleMania with The Undertaker

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